"Early in my career I realized the importance of  RPAC due to participating in  RPAC  training sessions and attending TAR meetings especially Govermental Affairs . I also attended Mid-Year meetings in Washington and saw first hand how our involvement on the local,state and national level protected our profession.I believe in giving participating, sharing and supporting  our industry and profession, and I encourage others to enjoy the experience of giving and leadership as I have."
Janice Carlton, May 2010
MTAR's RPAC Leader

When it comes to RPAC at MTAR, there is one undisputed leader among so many - and that lady is Janice Carlton!

Janice has worked for numerous years on the RPAC & Government Affairs committees since she became a member of our association, and is recognized nationally as a leader in the REALTOR® voice!

Janice has been a member of MTAR since 1983, and is currently an affiliate broker with Coldwell Banker Segroves/Nelson Real Estate In Shelbyville. 
Making her REALTOR® Voice Heard!

Nine Year
Sterling "R"

Janice Carlton
Each October, MTAR honors firms with 100% participation in the annual RPAC investment goal, as well as those individuals who invest $99 plus to the current RPAC campaign.  To view the most recent list of REALTOR® voices working for YOU, view the RPAC 99+ Club!